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The Effect of Boiled Lagundi Leaves to the Cough


Carbocistine is a kind of medicine who can cure cough. This investigatory project that we made shows that we can make our own cough reliever without spending money and we use herbal plants instead of chemicals. It is much affordable if you have a lagundi plant (vitex negudo l.) in your backyard. We add brown sugar so that the syrup will have a sweet taste.

Background of the Study:

Many people, especially those who are poor cannot afford to buy medicine when they are sick. How can they solve it? Well I suggest to use the herbal plant lagundi (nitex negundo l.) to remove cough. In making our own carbocistine we can prevent spending for buying carbocistine. The only ingredients we use are water, lagundi leaves, arnibal (brown sugar) and vinegar. I use arnibal because it is sweeter than white sugar.

Statement of the Problem:

This study ought to answer the following problems:

1. Can we produce our own carbocistine out of lagundi leaves, and arnibal?
2. Is the carbocistine effective?
3. Is the vinegar an effective preservative?

Carbocistine – cough medicine

Lagundi – Scientific name: vitex negundo l. English name: fine leaved chaste tree, Tagalog name: lagundi, kamalan.

Vinegar – a sour liquid obtained by fermentation of wine or malt use to flavor or preserve foods.

Brown sugar – soft sugar whose crystals are covered by a film of refined dark syrup.

Analysis of Data:

1. For the first time we conduct an experiment. We are not satisfied in the syrup we made. It spoiled after 1 day.
2. Second time we made a syrup, we are more satisfied with the syrup that the first and it didn’t spoiled after one day.


1. We can produce lagundi syrup out of lagundi leaves, brown sugar, and vinegar.
2. The lagundi syrup is safe to drink
3. Lagundi leaves are the best the best preservative for lagundi syrup.

Significance of the study:

The significance of the study that we can produce lagundi syrup without wasting much time and money. For example your house is very far from drug store and there is no available lagundi syrup in the store near your house and you need lagundi syrup. You can produce lagundi syrup instead of traveling very from your house to the drug store just to buy expensive lagundi syrup, this project can help not only the students but also for others.

Objective of the Study

The objectives of this study are

1. To make a cheaper lagundi syrup.
2. To make a non toxic and safe syrup.
3. To lessen the burden of the people who undergo financial difficulties on how to budget their money.

Scope and Delimitation:

This study has the following scope and delimitation.

Review of Related Literature


Materials and Equipments

* Casserole * Brown sugar
* Strainer * Vinegar
* Bowl * Stove
* Lagundi leaves


1. Boiled lagundi leaves

Prepare all the materials needed. After preparing, wash the lagundi leaves the, put in the casserole and add water. Put the casserole in the stove when the water was boiled. Remove the casserole in the stove. After removing, strain the lagundi leaves

2. Brown sugar and vinegar

Prepare all the materials needed. Put the brown sugar in the casserole, put the casserole in the stove. And add 2 glass of water. When the sugar was melted add vinegar. When it was boiled add the essence of lagundi leaves. When boiled, remove the casserole form the stove.


We can produce a carbocistine by lagundi leaves, brown sugar and vinegar. Vinegar is the best preservative. In this project sugar is the best flavoring but the taste of our carbocistine is not good because it is sweet, sour and bitter. The three kinds of flavors were combined. Through this Science investigatory project, we can produce affordable and safe carbocistine because the ingredients we used are non-toxic. This project can be an answer to peoples who supper from cough.


After the study had been done, the following conclusions were made.

1. We can produce carbocistine lagundi syrup out of lagundi leaves, sugar and vinegar.
2. The produced lagundi syrup is safe to use since it does not contain any toxic chemicals.
3. The vinegar is the best preservative for carbocistine.


The following recommendation were given.

1. Perform further study in producing flavors to the carbocistine
2. Test other preservative to prolong the life of the lagundi syrup.
3. Do further study to improve the quality of the syrup made.


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