Thursday, December 6, 2007

Soy Sauce Out of Coconut Water

I – Introduction:
The coconut tree is considered as the “tree of life”. It has many uses form roots up to the leaves.

Roots serves as medicine, trunk as lumber, fruits use in many food, leaves use as decoration.

Some are used as or make into vinegar, but the water from the young coconut serve as medicine. It can also be preserved in a longer period of time and can be used in any food preparation. As the finding or result we compare it to the commercial soy sauce.

II – Introduction:
A. Background of the Study:
The coconut tree is the most versatile and valuable tree of the tropics, the trunk is one to two diameter. It has no branches but carries a crown of leaves 75 – 100 feet above the ground. The leaves like feathers with many segments and are usually 10 to 15 feet long. A tree yield as many 200 nuts a year but the average is 30. The nut is smooth in the outside, yellowish or greenish in color within the outer shell is fibrous thus 1 to 2 inches thick. The inner shell is brown and hard surrounding the coconut meat. The nut contains amount of fluid called coconut milk.

B. Statement of the Problem:
There are many difference uses of coconut tree, from roots up to the leaves. We focused to study the uses of coconut water. Water in this study we made cleaner through the following stated problems.
1) what are the different uses of coconut water, aside from making vinegar
2) What is the difference in taste, color and preservatives used in coconut soy sauce compared to commercial one.

III – Objective:
A. 1. To make soy sauce out of coconut water.
2. To recycle coconut water into useful product.

B. Scope and Limitation:
It was assumed from this study that coconut soy sauce has also good substitute to commercial one. We can recycle waste into useful products.

According to the outcome of this investigatory project the research therefore conclude that in using the coconut soy sauce. It has no bad effect to our health and we can use it in any desired food preparation.


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